If you've been reading along with me, you know that my prayer life has grown. I never had examples of how to pray that weren't memorized prayers. I knew the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary." I didn't have any examples of how to come to God.

I have loved opening my Bible gain with a renewed sense of wonder. I am reading stories of women in the Bible who've have exemplified the impact of prayer in their lives, demonstrating resilience, faith, and the ability to effect significant change through their conversations with the divine.

Their stories serve as timeless reminders of the transformative power of prayer for women today.

Hannah's Persistent Faith
Hannah's story is close to my heart. When my husband and I were trying to have our first child. I was so worried that years of pumping birth control into my body had taken its toll and that I wouldn't be able to conceive. I read Hannah's story quietly over and over again. Sharing her burden, sharing her hurt, and sharing her hope. Her longing for a child led her to fervent prayer. And, my longing for a child... lead me to her ferverent prayer.

In 1 Samuel 1, we see her anguish and devotion as she pours out her heart to God, praying earnestly for a son. Hannah's prayer wasn't just a plea but an act of surrender and trust in God's plan. Her persistence and faith were rewarded when she bore a son, Samuel, who later became a revered prophet in Israel's history.

Hannah's story shows us the power of unwavering faith in prayer. We can draw inspiration from her resilience, learning to persist in prayer even amidst challenges, trusting in the timing and wisdom of God.

Esther's Courageous Intercession
I'd never read Esther's story. I didn't grow up going to Sunday school classes, so I feel like I missed out on these stories of Biblical heroes. And, I love that in my reading, I've categorized Esther, not as just a queen, not as a faithful Jew, but... as one of those Biblical heroes who saves her people!

Esther, a Jewish orphan turned queen, faced a grave crisis when the decree to annihilate her people was issued. Esther shows us the power of intercession. She called for a fast, seeking divine guidance and intervention before courageously approaching the king—a dangerous move.

Esther's prayerful preparation and bravery led to the deliverance of her people. See how she seeks God's guidance and strength in times of adversity? See how she prepares herself before she prays and intercedes for her people? We can learn from her courage, understanding that prayer, coupled with faithful action, can bring about transformative change in dire circumstances.

Mary's Surrendered Submission
I have fallen in love with Mary in the past decade. When I became a mom, I found a new appreciation for Jesus' mom. I wish there was more to read about her and how she raised the Messiah. (I'd totally read that parenting book!)

What little we do read about her, we learn about her faithfulness.

In the Gospel of Luke, Mary demonstrates profound faith and submission to God's will. Her response to Gabriel's message reflects her deep faith and willingness to surrender to God's plan, despite the uncertainties and societal implications. What a brave young girl! (Do you ever think about that!? About how much was being asked of a teenage girl!?)

Her prayerful attitude of submission teaches us the beauty of trusting in God's sovereignty, even when faced with the unknown. She simply says, "I am the servant of Adonai; may it happen to me as you have said."

Mary's story encourages us to embrace humility and obedience in our prayers, acknowledging that God's plans often surpass human understanding.

These lessons teach us that prayer isn't merely a ritual but a powerful means of connecting with God, transforming lives, circumstances, and destinies. Their experiences emphasize the importance of persistence, courage, faith, and surrender in prayer.

Blessed are You, Adonai, our God, Sovereign of the universe, who has made me according to His will.

Father God, You are good. Thank you for allowing me the relationship I have with You. Thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die for me, so that I could come to You in prayer. Thank You for a history of faithful women who've served You and have shown me how to pray. Thank You for creating me as ezer. I pray that as the women reading this go through their week, they will be empowered by the knowledge that You are good, You are in control, and Your timing and provision is perfect and purposeful. I pray we walk in strength, knowing Your hand is on it all. In Jesus' name I pray. AMEN.