I was born in California, grew up in Texas, moved to Rhode Island, then back to California. When we got married, my husband joined the Army and we moved to Italy. When my husband left the Army, we moved back to California. Then, I joined the Navy and we moved to Maryland, then to Florida, and back to Maryland again.

It’s difficult to form lasting friendships at each duty station, especially when you know you'll only be there for about three years. This transient lifestyle can make it tough to establish meaningful connections. Just as you start to get to know people and feel like you're becoming a part of the community, it's time to pack up and move again.

We have been on a cycle of hellos and goodbyes for our family.

When I became a mom, inviting people into our lives became easier because kids have this ability to break down barriers. And, play dates create common ground.

Do you know what I was thinking when I started writing these thoughts and ideas down about creating an online space for women to study the Bible together?

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